After extensive work experience in fashion and the active sports industry, Mona Konings has started Amsterdams Goed as a response to fast fashion. We can do this differently.

  • Attention and dedication for the design and the final product.
  • Distinctive clothing with unique authentic prints for men, women and children.
  • Production in the Netherlands on request (so no stocks, no sales).
  • Made by local specialists in the field of design and patterns.
  • Certainty about fair working conditions and earnings.
  • Collaboration with Atelier: Made Here. These employees have a lot of knowledge and experience in this     profession and have built up an impressive service reccord in their home country.
  • Employment opportunities and knowledge development in this field in the Netherlands.
  • Local production means less transport = limited CO2 emissions.
  • Remaining material is processed and returned to: Zero Waste.